Manufacturing Leaders Explain Why They Have Taken the Equal Employer Pledge

By Made In Group
schedule30th Jun 23

We are thrilled to share the news that this week, several companies have become part of a movement which is focused on increasing inclusivity and equality within UK manufacturing and engineering, by signing the Made Equal Employer pledge. 

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Central Fasteners, Additive-X, Transicon, Ansaldo Nuclear, Rowan Precision and Crompton Controls for their dedicated efforts in promoting equality and embracing diversity. Building on this positive momentum, Made is taking steps to enhance its Made Equal and Made Futures employer branding project, with a mission to support employers in connecting underrepresented groups. 

This initiative aims to elevate your employer branding endeavours, broaden your pool of diverse talent, and foster the exchange of inclusive recruitment best practices. One of the key ways in which it does this, is through giving those who take the pledge access to an Employer Toolkit.

Within the employer toolkit, you will find a diverse selection of top-notch 'Made' employer branding logos and assets. As a member, you'll also enjoy exclusive access to valuable resources via the Made Platform, empowering you to showcase your job vacancies on the esteemed Made Futures job board. 

Furthermore, the Made in Group platform provides a convenient job vacancy template, allowing you to create tailored social ads with ease. By leveraging these powerful tools, you can effectively convey your organisation's unwavering commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion, both within your team and to the world outside.

Scroll below to discover why some of these companies are taking the Made Equal Employer Pledge. You can find out more about joining this initiative also by contacting any member of our team!


Working together on equal terms as a family encourages creativity and involvement as different thoughts through staff diversity gives a healthy business balance.” – Alex Podesta, Managing Director at Central Fasteners

We recognize that by encouraging diversity, we can develop the business in new and innovative ways.” – Neil Williams, Technical Sales Manager at Rowan Precision


"Additive-X believe that manufacturing and engineering companies need to make a commitment to facilitating equal employment opportunities By prioritizing equality, diversity and inclusion, Additive-X not only enhances its own workforce environment but also contributes to a more inclusive thriving UK manufacturing and engineering industry.Jo Young, Managing Director at Additive-X


"Recruitment is one of the largest challenges we face in the engineering sector. We believe that The Made Equal Employer Pledge is an important part of supporting our commitment to equality which we hope in turn will broaden our appeal in a competitive labour market."– Jennifer Hughes, Finance Director at Transicon


"The reason we felt it was important to make the Made Equal Employer Pledge as an established business is to show that everyone is equal and fully respected in our company.David Chappell, Managing Director at Crompton Controls


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