Unlocking Industry's Future: Smoke Control Systems Create 3D Tour

By Made In Group
schedule7th Sep 23

Smoke Control Systems has recently collaborated with Made in Group to craft an immersive virtual tour of their company premises using cutting-edge 3D technology.

As a part of the Gold membership package, the Made in Group team frequently embarks on visits to member companies, fashioning 'digital twins' of their factories through the innovative use of 3D technology.

The ambitious objective set forth by Made in Group is to curate the most comprehensive collection of virtual factory tours in the UK. These virtual duplicates of member factories serve as a means for manufacturing enterprises to transcend geographical constraints and offer an in-depth spatial understanding of their production facilities. In today's era of smart factories and the implementation of Industry 4.0 strategies, such a tool has become an indispensable asset.

This virtual tour transports the user into Smoke Control Systems' facility in Warwickshire, spotlighting the first-class manufacturing capabilities that it houses.

A proud member of Made in the Midlands, Smoke Control Systems specializes in the development, provision, and maintenance of electronic control equipment vital for smoke ventilation systems, a critical safety component in public buildings during fire emergencies.

These virtual factory tours provide businesses with a unique opportunity to exchange best practices, spotlight their competencies, and more. Made in Group's mission is to equip its members with the necessary tools to thrive in an increasingly digital world, offering engaging 3D content while simultaneously contributing to the reduction of their carbon footprint.

Follow the link below to embark on your personal virtual journey to Warwickshire and experience the Smoke Control Systems factory tour firsthand!


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