Manufacturing Leaders Share Their Stories at the First 'Monthly Industry Meetup'

By Made In Group
schedule16th Jun 23

As part of the first of a brand new event series called the Monthly Industry Meetup — which was held on Wednesday 14th June 2023 for members of Made in Group — three business leaders within UK industry shared their inspiring stories with attendees.

Each month, Made in Group hold engaging talks from renowned speakers, focusing on key themes that shape the future of manufacturing. Our Meetup series covers a wide range of headline topics, including: Future Factories, Sustainable Manufacturing, Global Britain, and People & Skills. 

After listening to thought-provoking talks, attendees engaged in interactive virtual roundtable sessions with their fellow industry leaders, on the topics of their choice.

The first speaker was Andrew Eastwood, Managing Director at Carrs Tool Steels. Andrew shared the success story of Carrs Tool Steels' investment in solar energy. Attendees heard of the benefits and outcomes they have experienced and gained practical insights on implementing renewable energy initiatives in a manufacturing setting. 

The next speaker was Jennifer Hughes, Finance Director at Transicon Limited. Jennifer spoke with attendees about effective recruitment strategies to attract a wider demographic and promote diversity and inclusion in the manufacturing industry. Through this talk, Jennifer shared how companies can work to empower women and create rewarding career opportunities in manufacturing.

Guillaume Lafforgue, Digital Transformation Manager at Schneider Electric, gave a talk on how companies can potentially optimise their production processes in high mix, low volume environments.Guillaume provided valuable insights on identifying efficient ways to adapt to frequent changes and shorter production runs. By leveraging digital technologies, Guillaume explored strategies to improve operational efficiency and enhance productivity in this context.

You can find all of the talks below and discover a wide array of stories of success, innovative best practice and more by visiting Made U. Made U - short for Made University - is your home for best practice talks from the manufacturing community and expert masterclasses regarding a variety of modern skills.

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