Employer Branding: A Vital Tool for UK Manufacturers Closing the Skills Gap

By Made In Group
schedule13th Jul 23

In an increasingly competitive job market, UK manufacturers are realising the crucial role of employer branding in attracting and retaining top talent. Employer branding refers to the process of creating a strong reputation and identity as an employer, showcasing the unique aspects of a company that make it an appealing place to work.

The skills gap in UK manufacturing refers to the mismatch between the skills and qualifications that employers in the manufacturing sector require and the skills possessed by the available workforce. Closing the skills gap requires collaborative efforts between educational institutions, industry organizations, and government entities to provide targeted training programs, apprenticeships, and initiatives that align the skills of the workforce with the needs of the manufacturing sector.

By developing a strong employer brand, manufacturers can effectively communicate their company values, culture, and career growth opportunities, making them an attractive choice for potential candidates. This not only helps in attracting skilled individuals but also assists in closing the skills gap by appealing to candidates who possess the specific expertise and qualifications required in the industry.

A compelling employer brand showcases a manufacturer's commitment to employee development, provides a supportive work environment, and highlights the opportunities for professional growth. Such initiatives not only attract skilled workers but also inspire existing employees to upskill and remain with the company, contributing to the overall goal of closing the skills gap.

Made in Group supports members with successful employer branding, through sharing their company success and latest news to a wide network of the next generation of industry leaders, jobseekers, and those currently working within UK manufacturing & engineering. Alongside this, members of Made in the Midlands and Made in Yorkshire have access to posting their job vacancies to the Made Futures jobs board.

To support members with their recruitment goals - as well as those of UK manufacturing at large - Made in Group are making the employer toolkit and resources available to all members who sign up to our inclusion/pledge for free. The toolkit consists of a set of high quality ‘Made’ employer branding logos and assets, to supercharge your employer branding. To receive this, get in touch with a member of the Made in Group team.


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