Bridging the Skills Gap: Solve Your Recruitment Challenges with Made U

By Made In Group
schedule4th Sep 23

Achieving effective recruitment is paramount for the sustained growth and competitiveness of UK manufacturing and engineering firms, primarily because of the critical "skills gap" challenge. With a shortage of qualified workers possessing the specialised skills needed in these industries, selecting the right candidates is not just a matter of filling vacancies but of securing the future viability of these sectors.

The recruitment process must identify individuals with the expertise, technical proficiency, and adaptability to navigate rapidly evolving technologies, thereby bridging the skills gap and ensuring these industries remain at the forefront of innovation and productivity.

Made U (short for Made University) offers a variety of expert masterclasses featuring the latest best practice within British industry. Keep scrolling below to discover just 4 of the many videos which you can access today through Made U, which offer guidance and inspiration for supercharging your recruitment success within the UK manufacturing and engineering sector.






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