5 Huge Benefits to Pursuing an Apprenticeship in UK Manufacturing

By Made In Group
schedule7th Apr 23

Apprenticeships are becoming increasingly popular as a way for young people to enter the workforce and gain valuable skills and experience. In the UK, the manufacturing industry is one of the most popular sectors for apprenticeships as they offer a wide range of tangible benefits, which we cover in this article.


  1. Practical Skills

One of the biggest benefits of an apprenticeship is the practical experience it provides. Apprenticeships are designed to provide hands-on experience in a real-world working environment, giving apprentices the chance to learn the skills they need to succeed in their chosen industry. This experience can be invaluable when it comes to securing future employment, as it demonstrates a commitment to learning and developing skills.


  1. Earn While You Learn

Unlike traditional education routes, apprenticeships offer the chance to earn money while you learn. Apprentices are paid a wage throughout their apprenticeship, which means they can support themselves financially while they gain valuable experience and qualifications.


  1. Real Job Prospects

Apprenticeships are a direct route into a specific job, and therefore provide clear job prospects. Many apprentices are offered a job at the end of their apprenticeship, which means they can start their career immediately. This is particularly important in the manufacturing industry, where there is a high demand for skilled workers.


  1. Qualifications

Apprenticeships provide a structured learning programme, which is accredited by recognised bodies. This means that apprentices will earn a formal qualification at the end of their apprenticeship, which is recognised by employers across the industry. This qualification can be a valuable asset when it comes to future job applications.


  1. Work with Groundbreaking Equipment in First-Class Facilities

A career within the UK manufacturing industry will give you the chance to work with top of the range, technologically advanced equipment, within amazing facilities. Alongside this, you will be given the opportunity to contribute to crafting equipment which is vital and changes lives throughout the world.

If you are considering a career in manufacturing, an apprenticeship could be an excellent way to kick-start your career and gain valuable skills and experience. Browse the Made Futures jobs board below to see what apprenticeship opportunities are available at companies who are part of the Made in Group.



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